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Taiwan Lit, launched in the summer of 2020, is an online journal centering on studies of Taiwan literature and culture. It aims to reinvigorate the intellectual climate of the field by building a transnational critical forum, disseminating substantive research ideas, and facilitating innovative modes of scholarly exchange. We invite submissions in either English or Chinese。

Taiwan Lit 是一個以「台灣文學與文化研究」為核心關注的電子期刊,於 2020 年夏季創刊。本刊旨在打造一個跨國學者論壇,傳播有價值的研究觀點,促進新型態的學術交流模式,以求進一步拓展該領域的創新潛能。英文或中文稿件皆在歡迎之列。

Essays 文章

Taiwan Lit aims to provide an alternative publishing venue that underscores timeliness and immediacy. This section accepts all varieties of scholarly writing or multimedia presentation, including those not conforming to the restrictive practices of established print journals: work-in-progress that would potentially benefit from peer input or critique; reworkings of lectures or conference presentations; recasting of ideas that have branched off from a larger project; reevaluations of one’s own previously published arguments or propositions; and last but not least, rejoinders to the work of other contributors.

To build a lively intellectual forum, we especially welcome short essays—think pieces, position papers, or scholarly notes—that may inspire discussion, explore new research directions, or perform methodological or institutional self-reflection.

Taiwan Lit 旨在提供一個有別於傳統規格、注重即時性和當下感的出版平台。本欄接受以文字或多媒體呈現的各種學術作品,不受既有紙本期刊慣例的限制;可包含目前尚在進行中但期待獲得同儕點評意見的研究計畫、已具有相當完成度的演講稿或會議論文、衍生於大型主題專著但需另闢蹊徑獨立開展的想法、或針對個人過去發表論點的重估或修正。此外,我們格外期盼收到對本刊已發表作品的回應或討論。


Reviews 評介

One of the main objectives of creating the Taiwan Lit platform is to reduce the information gap between scholars residing in different regions of the world. In addition to book reviews in the conventional sense, this section invites less formal, more personal commentaries on new and old scholarly works published in the field, as well as critical theoretical writings relevant to the study of Taiwan literature and culture.

創立 Taiwan Lit 這個平台的原始目標之一,在於試圖縮短散佈世界各地區的學者們有關資訊的獲得與更新上常見的時差。本欄除了傳統意義上的正規書評之外,也歡迎不拘形式、以領域內出版的新舊論文或與人文思考相關的理論著作為對象的評介或摘述。

Articles 長篇論文

This section publishes full-length, original research articles that are over 6000-7000 words in length. For footnotes and bibliography, the MLA style is preferred. Please also attach an abstract of approximately 200 words. All submissions will undergo a rigorous review process, and the results will be communicated within the shortest possible time.


Special Topics 專輯

The section features clusters of works on a common theme, in writing or multimedia, curated to illuminate or critique special topics of interest from different perspectives. Invited guest-editors will write an introductory essay, reach out to peers for contributions, and take care of copyright issues, if applicable.


Archive 檔案室

The Archive stores our past newsletters, in which you can view contents from all the back issues by clicking on the enclosed table of contents.


Contributors 作者簡介

You may access a contributor’s bio in this section either through the navigation panel or by clicking on the author’s name at the top of the posts.


Resources 參考資訊

This section consists of databases that may be of use as references to members of the Taiwan literature & culture studies community. Despite our best efforts, there may be inadvertent omissions or errors. Please help us improve the section by sending us relevant information and further suggestions.



Please email your submissions to Editor-in-Chief, Yvonne Chang at yvonne@austin.utexas.edu, and Managing Editor, Ming Huei Wang at mhwang@utexas.edu. We also welcome proposals for guest-edited, special-theme sections.

來稿請以電子郵件夾帶附檔,寄送給總編輯 Yvonne Chang(yvonne@austin.utexas.edu)和執行編輯 Ming-Huei Wang(mhwang@utexas.edu),並歡迎有關專題選輯的提案。

Accepted submissions are to be posted on a rolling basis. Essays and reviews posted between January 1 and June 30 will be classified under the “Spring Issue,” those between July 1 and December 31, under the “Fall Issue.”


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Editor-in-Chief 總編輯
Yvonne Chang 張誦聖 yvonne@austin.utexas.edu

Managing Editor 執行編輯
Ming-Huei Wang 王敏慧 mhwang@utexas.edu

Steering Committee 策劃小組
Yvonne Chang 張誦聖, Ming-Huei Wang 王敏慧, Shu-wen Tang 湯舒雯, Jessica Ssu-chieh Fan 范思婕, Xintong Lyu 呂欣桐, Chang-Jr Lin 林昶志

Advisory Board 編輯顧問
North America

Christopher Lupke
University of Alberta (Canada)
Jason McGrath
University of Minnesota (United States)

Margaret Hillenbrand
University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Chia-rong Wu
University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

(*alphabetically ordered by surname)
Kuei-fen Chiu 邱貴芬 國立中興大學
Ming-ju Fan 范銘如
Yu-lin Lee 李育霖 中央研究院
Chia-Ling Mei 梅家玲
GuoQing Zheng 郑国庆
Yomota (Tarumi) Chie 垂水千惠
South Korea:
Jiwoon Baik 白池雲

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