Taiwan Lit

Special Topics 專題

This section features clusters of works, in writing or multimedia, that share common themes of particular interest. The inspiration has come from two scholarly websites, Post45 at http://post45.org/ and ARCADE | Literature, the Humanities, & the World at https://arcade.stanford.edu/, especially their sections called “Contemporaries” and “Colloquies.” “Colloquies” in ARCADE, in particular, introduces an innovative and exciting approach.

本欄是針對特定議題的作品專輯(文字或多媒體均可)。 啟發這個構想的,是運行至今已超過十五年的兩個學術網站,Post45 ARCADE | Literature, the Humanities, & the World;特別是其下名為“Contemporaries” 、 “Colloquies”的專頁。ARCADE 的 “Colloquies” 尤其富有創意。

The curator of the themed section would write an introductory essay, invite new contributions and select from existing pools, and be responsible for clearing up copyright issues, if applicable. Please let us know if you are interested in guest-editing for this section. If you wish, we can post your call-for-papers announcement on the website and circulate it via our MailChimp list.

特約專輯主編的職責包括撰寫一篇引言,徵募及蒐選稿件,並處理可能涉及的版權相關事宜。有興趣擔任特約專輯主編的同儕,煩請告知。我們可將徵稿通知貼在網上,並透過 MailChimp 傳發給所有訂閱者。