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Commentaries 評介

One of the main objectives of creating the Taiwan Lit platform is to reduce the information gap between scholars residing in different regions of the world. In addition to book reviews in the conventional sense, this section invites less formal, more personal commentaries on new and old scholarly works published in the field, as well as critical theoretical writings relevant to the study of Taiwan literature and culture.

創立 Taiwan Lit 這個平台的原始目標之一,在於試圖縮短散佈世界各地區的學者們有關資訊的獲得與更新上常見的時差。本欄除了傳統意義上的正規書評之外,也歡迎不拘形式、以領域內出版的新舊論文或與人文思考相關的理論著作為對象的評介或摘述。

We invite submissions in either English or Chinese with no fixed length requirements.




    Volume 3, Issue 2

    Fall 2022

    Towards Sinophone Poetics: Andrew Huang and his Musical Poetry

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    Book Review: Lim, Song Hwee. Taiwan Cinema as Soft Power: Authorship, Transnationality, Historiography. New York: Oxford University Press, 2022.

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    The Convergence of Politics and Aesthetics in Foreign Literature Studies in Taiwan

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    Will the Real Taiwanese Subject Please Stand Up? On Critique, Radicalism, and the Question of Decolonization

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    Volume 3, Issue 1

    Spring 2022


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    Volume 2, Issue 2

    Fall 2021


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    Volume 2, Issue 1

    Spring 2021


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    Volume 1, Issue 2

    Fall 2020

    Review: A History of Taiwan Literature by Ye Shitao, Translated by Christopher Lupke

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    本土人文知識如何重返左翼關懷: 評謝世宗《階級攸關:國族論述、性別政治與資本主義的文學再現》

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    Towards Postcritical Thinking in Literary Studies: The Limits of Critique by Rita Felski

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    Volume 1, Issue 1

    Spring 2020

    文學·藝術·政治 ——賈克·洪席耶的民主美學體系

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